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Information on Finnish Parishes

Information on Finnish Parishes is a database maintained by the Genealogical Society of Finland. It contains information about the history, clergy, and archives of the Finnish Lutheran and Orthodox parishes. In addition, the database includes border parishes from northern Sweden and northern Norway, as well as the Lutheran parishes of Ingria from Russia.

The database and its information are only available in Finnish. You can search the database using the names of the parishes and localities. The database can be browsed through an alphabetical list of all parishes and with the help of tags attached to the parishes.

The new version of the database Information on Finnish Parishes replaces the old database with the same name that was published in 1999. You can submit additions and corrections to the information presented in the database via the database's feedback form.


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Anna Dahlbäck: Naantali Church 1910–1919
CC BY 4.0 The Finnish Heritage Agency

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